Gregg Watson

Greg Watson

As a native of the Upstate of South Carolina, I am an alumnus of Wofford College. Immediately after leaving Wofford College, I chose to enter the golf business as a golf professional, playing professionally and being an instructor for kids, as well as adults.
In 2001 I chose to make a career change, entering the insurance industry as agent producer in the property and casualty field. After spending 7 years in various rolls assisting residents with protecting their property, there was just something missing in what I truly wanted from an insurance career.
In 2008, I moved into the Life and Health field, working with a single carrier, working in a series of rolls to grow what was thought to be my own business, to only find out that I was building a business that could be taken away at any time by the carrier. After working to build relationships with business owners and employees, there was still something missing – being able to provide a benefits package that employees truly wanted. Being tied to a single carrier, I was losing business to brokers that could offer businesses a true benefits package and there was nothing I could do.

In 2015 the opportunity to join a new and growing brokerage, C & K Benefits, was presented and this was exactly what I had been looking for since 2001. Being passionate about doing what is morally correct for those we serve is something that I felt was missing from my career. Employers and Employees look to us as advisors to steer them in the right direction, because we are the experts in our field. Moving from the single carrier model has allowed me as an advisor to be more flexible to employers and employees to find solutions to meet their wants and needs. Over the past 5 years, growing relationships with 30 plus carriers has been a dream come true, to never have to walk away from an opportunity to help someone. Insurance is protection from the unknown and that is why it is important as an advisor to have not just one option, but many options to assist our clients in protecting what is important.