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C & K Benefits is a full-service insurance and benefits agency.  We allow our customers to take full advantage of our size, strength, and relationships with the leading carrier providers.  By offering customers an integrated, cost effective, and customized solution, we will provide a competitive edge as well as the essential solutions to enhance their organization’s focus.

C & K Benefits is your solution for Employee Benefits Administration

Our services help businesses to

Reduce Costs

Retain Employees

Ensure Government and Regulatory Compliance

C & K Benefits can help employees navigate the benefits world from hire to retire.  The employees of our customers appreciate the knowledge of the current benefits offered through payroll deduction as well as education on what to prioritize as they turn 65 and move towards retirement.

C & K Benefits offers our accounts a full, leave behind, benefits administration platform (Employee Navigator).  This platform enables Human Resource Staff to reduce paperwork for new hires and during open enrollment each year, since everything can be done electronically.

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C & K benefits will allow you to be able to take full advantage of our size, strength and relationships with the leading carrier providers. By offering an integrated cost-effective and customized solution, showing them that together we can do a better job than almost any organization on its own in providing essential Employee Administrative solutions that will enhance an organization’s focus and provide them with a competitive edge.


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